Company Profile


Company Profile

Established in 1954, Caribbean Packaging Industries (CPI) is a fully owned subsidiary of Canadian Overseas Packaging Industries with affiliates in Jamaica and Barbados, and major manufacturing units in Nairobi and Mombasa in East Africa (East Africa Packaging Industries), and three plants in the United Kingdom (Encase Packaging). Our company has grown to be one of the leading packaging suppliers in the Caribbean.

Our ISO 9001:2000 registration reflects our commitment to improving all levels of service to our customers. Continuous plant and equipment upgrades reflect our desire to be the leading provider of corrugated packaging in the Caribbean but, more important, are the levels to which we are committed in human resource development and improvement. We currently have over 180 dedicated and loyal employees.

The pioneering foresight of our founders continues to this day and among the many firsts with which we are credited is the design and manufacture of banana boxes in this region. This innovative culture is still an integral part of today’s CPI and we are constantly searching for ways to add value and service to our customers.

Current Operations

Today CPI manufactures corrugated containers and fittings including such items as banana boxes, soft drink trays and point of purchase display units and chipboard partitions for the separation of glass bottles. All of our manufactured products are environment-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable. Paper discarded in manufacture is compressed, packaged and exported for recycling.

The corporate structure of CPI as the design and manufacturing centre with strategically positioned partners, Barbados Packaging Industries (BPI) and Jamaica Packaging Industries (JPI), ensure an effective supply of packaging solutions to our diverse customer base. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and products we offer.

Many of our customers are manufacturers of household name brands; whether it be indigenous products expanding regionally and internationally, or globally known brands that are manufactured in the region.

New Machinery Acquisition

Caribbean Packaging Industries (CPI) invested heavily in new equipment over the last two years to modernise their operations to become more efficient and competitive. “We wanted a solution that could meet the quality of the market as our customers are automated and there is a need to meet the new requirements of the market. Everyone has updated their machinery to become more competitive. We had to modernise our equipment and that included site preparation and then the actual process of installation.

As the world is getting smaller we need to have state-of-the-art technology that would protect our business,” said CPI’s Managing Director, Darren Leigh. The machinery that was acquired had to have the capabilities to improve quality and accuracy. To complement this, CPI invested in first class front end operations. Their new design centre is equipped with leading software for the corrugated industry, and supports a self-sufficient approach to pre-press design and implementation.

These seamless operations include plate making and mounting to high levels of precision, and the ability to formulate and produce any ink colour specification that we need. These improvements support our production so we can manufacture a high graphic, tight tolerance accurate product that will meet our customers’ requirements.

At a Glance

Our Company

  • 60 years of Industry experience
  • —180 dedicated employees
  • —Environmentally friendly processes
  • —ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Technical support locally and from our affiliates
  • —Strategic distribution points in Barbados & Jamaica
  • Design & Product development

Our Products

  • —Broad range of flute and paper types to meet your packaging needs
  • —Corrugated containers, fittings & trays
  • —Wrap around cases
  • —Pre-printed & Post-printed cartons
  • —Point of sale/display boxes
  • —File Storage boxes
  • Chipboard partitions

Our Customers

  • Regional Breweries
  • Regional Distilleries
  • —Food & Beverage Manufacturers
  • Agricultural & Seafood Sectors