Size: 395 mm x 325mm x 255mm (15.5” x 25” x 10”)

Use: Normally used for archiving of files by organizations. Built for comfortable storage of both letter size (8 x 11 ½) and legal size (11 ½ x 14). This carton can easily be printed for personalized storage or be purchased with standard print as shown in photo. Many households use the National Archive for storage of personal items. The carton is fitted with hand-holds for easy carriage and are available in white or kraft.


REPUBLIC (Box and Lid)

Size: 610mm x 381mm x 241mm (24” x 15” x 9.5’)

Use: Normally used for storage of files – ideally legal size
(11 ½” x 14”) files. Used by many for general storage of items, including household items. The carton is fitted with hand-holds for each carriage. Cartons are available in white or kraft.


PEPPER BOX (One Piece)

Size: 432mm x 339mm x 162mm (17” x 13” x 6 ¼”)

Use: Farmers of Peppers (Hot and Bell) use this carton to export their produce. Fitted with ventilation holes to ensure air flow. Farmers also use this carton for other citrus, fruits and vegetables e.g. Limes, Lemons, Ochroes, Pimento, Melongene, seasonings, etc. Cartons are available in white or kraft.



Size: 311mm x 234mm x 305mm (12” x 9” x 12”)

Use: Manufactures use this item to package, alcoholic beverages (rum, wines etc.) or bottled seasonings. When used with the Chipboard partitions helps protects labels and bottles from damage. Cartons are available in white or kraft.



Large: 280mm x 133mm x 113mm (11” x 5” x 4.5”)

Small: 273 x  72 x 110 (11” x 3” x 4.25”)

Use: Storage and display of spare parts or miscellaneous items. Used in motor vehicle parts shops to separate and store small parts. The large Spare parts carton is ideal for the storage of CDs, etc.


TRAY 24 x 296ML

Size: 375mm x 246mm x 76mm (15” x9.5” x 3”)

Use: Ideal for shipping of bottles (glass or plastic). Customers who manufacture: seasonings, vinegars and essences use these.