Jamaica Packaging Industries

Jamaica Packaging Industries (JPI)

At JPI, we have been serving our clients for over 50 years and will continue to provide quality products in the corrugated cartons business. Our highly trained professionals offer technical assistance, personalized selling, warehousing and delivery of paper packaging to a large cross section of the Jamaican business community and household.

Our quality service provided over the years, has built a reputation of reliability. We are proud of our achievements and hold our clients as our most valuable assets as we look to continue to be their “supplier of choice”.

Jamaica Expansion

On September 30, 2016 Canadian Overseas Packaging Industries Limited (COPI) announced the acquisition of the business of Corrpak as a going concern. Corrpak has since its inception in 2006 asserted a dominant position in the manufacture of corrugated packaging in Jamaica. COPI is a manufacturer of corrugated packaging with over sixty years of experience in the global market place and with factories in the United Kingdom, East Africa and the Caribbean

The Shareholders see value in a larger organization which will expand its product lines, have broader technical expertise, aggressively access export markets and improve value and service to its customers in Jamaica and abroad. Trading as Jamaica Packaging Industries Limited (JPI) the combined operation will be investing in new technology to increase production levels, enhance domestic and export growth and offer greater reliability and value to our Jamaica customers.

Both Corrpak and JPI have invested heavily in developing the skills and expertise of their workforce and will combine these human resources with a larger capital base to assure global competitiveness. In the medium term the acquisition will result in increased employment, diversification of packaging opportunities and added value to Jamaica’s manufacturing Sector.

Vision: To exceed our customers’ expectations whilst optimizing returns for our stakeholders.

Address:  #16 Ashenheim Road, Kingston 11, Jamaica, West Indies.

Telephone: (876) 923-7031-3 ; 937-2025/2318 • Fax: 923-6820 • Email: sales@jamaicapackaging.com • Web: www.jamaicapackaging.com