Our Background

Established over 60 years ago in Trinidad (1954), CPI is the hub for Caribbean operations of Canadian Overseas Packaging Industries which manufactures corrugated paper packaging. Other Caribbean operations include JPI (Jamaica Packaging Industries) established in 1953, and BPI (Barbados Packaging Industries) established in 1982.

Today JPI & BPI operations are involved in the sale of corrugated boxes along with complementary packaging products. Outside the Caribbean our affiliates are Encase Packaging (UK) and East Africa Packaging Industries (Kenya).

Products and Services

Our main product is corrugated paper packaging best known as the ‘brown box’ originally created as a transport medium. Over the decades the corrugated industry has evolved conservatively and today largely serves its original purpose albeit in new formats. CPI supply corrugated containers, machine ready trays, wraparound cases, shelf ready display boxes, partitions, agricultural boxes, and stock boxes in both pre-print and post-print formats. Paper raw material attributes have developed to the point where transport performance is achieved with lighter weight papers, papers with growing recycled content, and thinner corrugation flutes.

Corrugated packaging is also evolving into a primary packaging which is seen by a growing number of consumers in markets with sophisticated supply chains; hence the development of shelf-ready packaging and high graphic print requirements in support of consumer awareness objectives as part of consumer brand strategies. CPI Customers, who are manufacturers themselves, have invested in plant automation to improve their operational efficiency. CPI offers many benefits to our customer base; our high levels of expertize span 60 years complemented by a low attrition rate within key organisational positions.