Investment in new machinery and world class front end operations
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Investment in new machinery and world class front end operations

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Caribbean Packaging Industries (CPI) invested heavily in new equipment over the last two years to modernise their operations to become more efficient and competitive. “We wanted a solution that could meet the quality of the market as our customers are automated and there is a need to meet the new requirements of the market. Everyone has updated their machinery to become more competitive.

We had to modernise our equipment and that included site preparation and then the actual process of installation. As the world is getting smaller we need to have state-of-the-art technology that would protect our business,” said CPI’s Managing Director, Darren Leigh.

The machinery that was acquired had to have the capabilities to improve quality and accuracy. To complement this, CPI invested in first class front end operations. Their new design centre is equipped with leading software for the corrugated industry, and supports a self-sufficient approach to pre-press design and implementation.

These seamless operations include plate making and mounting to high levels of precision, and the ability to formulate and produce any ink colour specification that we need. These improvements support our production so we can manufacture a high graphic, tight tolerance accurate product that will meet our customers’ requirements.

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